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it’s cautious skepticism, not pessimism.

Introversion is not a magical weapon to be wielded.

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

The first time I heard Susan Cain’s TED Talk, my mind was blown. I must have listened to it almost a dozen times that day before I finally closed my browser and gave the biggest sigh of relief of my life.

I mean I’ve always known I was a quiet…

We have to take public health seriously if we want to keep each other safe.

Photo by Joshua Fernandez on Unsplash

I watched from my car in the parking lot as a party of ten got up and ceremoniously donned their masks to walk the full 5 metres from their table to the restaurant’s entrance.

I was waiting for my take-out outside. There were already too many people inside. …

Working as a wage slave is the greatest acting Masterclass of the 21st century.

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3 weeks?

That was my conservative calculation on how long I thought the project would take.

My manager waited silently. It got awkward. We were in a call, cameras turned on. Clearly, we weren’t having internet connection issues. …

Asking for a Master’s plus 5+ years experience just isn’t realistic — we need to start taking a chance on people.

Photo by Edmond Dantès from Pexels

Graduate school is a lot like the housing market these days.

The admissions officer is a sort of broker, auctioning off degrees like they’re freshly built condo units and they’re going quick.

Step right up, step right here. For the cheap price of $49,999 plus just two years of your…

It’s just a matter of which will sink us first — our employers or a climate disaster.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I have a bunch of weird habits.

One of them being that I try to cook dinner before 5pm, even though everyone in my family eats closer to 6:30pm.


That’s when the electricity rate goes up significantly, almost double what it costs to cook before 5pm.

So, I try…

You get what you pay for, and the corporate world hasn’t been paying much.

Photo: GettyImages

I don’t know what kind of schedule your company operates on, but mine likes to make corporate swag around December.

Every year, they ruin perfectly good sweaters, t-shirts, hats, keychains, and pens with their overblown company logo slapped atop them. They gift it to us in beautiful boxes with our…

We don’t need heroes flying in to save the day.

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

There was a point earlier this year when vaccines were a scarce commodity.

Some of us were fighting to get a shot. We got angry over how arbitrary it was to give dose shipments to specific cities based on postal codes.

We cursed — why wasn’t our area a “hot…

Life is full of games, but you don’t have to play by all the rules.

Photo by Marissa&Eric on Unsplash

Statistically speaking, acceptance rates for medical school currently hovers around 5–7% in North America. Depending on how you want to view this stat, you might consider getting it “hard” to get in.

In some sense, you’d be right. Especially when you consider that the applicant pool is made up of…

There is nothing wrong with career indifference.

Photo: Dana Tentis/Pexels

It was 5 pm, and my company-provided brick, which has occupied a permanent space in my living room, was still going off. But whatever it was, I decided it could wait until tomorrow.

My brain clocked out like four hours earlier, even if my butt was still in the chair…

Building character means acting with morality

Photo by J W on Unsplash

It’s about the principle.

That’s something we usually hear when we’ve been wronged or led astray. It says sure, we can absorb the lost, whatever that may be. But whoever cost us our money, that promotion, or whatever the thing — they should learn their lesson.

It’s about having integrity…

Jayla Sun

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